Big cleaning power from the compact Shark Rocket

I could, and do, talk about my joy that winter has finally ended all the time. The one teeny, tiny annoying part is that the more time we spend outside, the more outside comes into my house. Mud, sand, dirt, grass – it’s all tracked in and needs to be cleaned up. Our house doesn’t have a proper utility closet on the main level and our full-sized vacuum is more effort to haul to the main level than it’s worth for a small job, so I was doing my best with a broom until my new Shark Rocket arrived! What makes a Shark Rocket so special?


  • Leaner and lighter than a full-sized vacuum
  • Full power
  • Deep cleans carpets and rugs
  • Cleans Bare Floors
  • Extra long 32′ cord
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Swivel steering
  • No loss of suction or power
  • Wall mount storage

I am one of those crazy people who loves to see how much dirt comes out of my carpet when I’m done vacuuming, so I was eager to put the Shark Rocket to the test as soon as it arrived. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one and I had two little helpers standing over me while I unpacked. I plugged it in and let them vacuum to their little hearts’ content.

The Shark Rocket is light enough (only 8 lbs!) that either of my daughters can use it, though when it’s on the carpet setting the forward momentum is too strong for them. That’s fine though, I’m happy to have the 3 and 5 year olds stick to the tile and hardwood sections of our house. Before the Shark Rocket arrived, I wondered if I would find the cord to be too inconvenient to use it more regularly than my full-sized vacuum, which stays in the basement until the one time a week that I usually do the whole house. Turns out the cord is a non-issue for us. Our house has outlets conveniently located all over, and the cord on the Shark Rocket is long enough that I can leave it plugged in and reach the entire main level.

My favourite features include how light it is, which makes it perfect for using on the stairs, and how easy the hand control is to change from carpet to bare floors and back again. I also find the dust cup to be very easy to empty and I appreciate that I can just wash the filter instead of needing to buy another one. The many attachments make cleaning up a breeze, even when I needed to vacuum up sugar from my brand new car’s trunk.

Unfortunately, we don’t have anywhere to wall mount the Shark Rocket, so it’s tucked into the cupboard that we have repurposed to be a utility closet. Please do not focus on the incredible lack of organization of our ton of craft supplies and instead notice how little space the Shark Rocket takes up!

Find more information at Shark Rocket!

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