My March Break Plan

I admit it: I’m in a funk. A “for the love of Pete, is this winter never going to end?” funk. We’ve got a great routine of classes for the girls, play dates, my college classes, cleaning, and errands and I’m just getting tired of the same old, same old. I have high hopes that the time off at March Break will allow us to break free from our routine and shake things up with some out of the ordinary activities that will help all of us to have more fun and make the best of the tundra we’re still living in! I’m planning a mix of free, inexpensive and a few splurge ideas. There’s also Rowan’s birthday at the end of March Break, but that will be a whole other post.

March Break


  • play dates! Ashlyn doesn’t get to see her old friends too often since she’s in school all day, so we’re hoping to have a few at-home play dates where the kids can play and the moms can chat.
  • I’m sure we’ll end up at the library once or twice to pick out some new books for story time. I may look for some craft books too for new inspiration.
  • crafts will be a staple; we have so very many supplies so I just need to think of some new projects and we’ll be off to a good start
  • pasta and bead box. I have a large container that is about a third full of pasta and beads and the girls love to dig and play in it.
  • pet store visit! The girls love to look at the animals and it’s not somewhere that we go regularly.
  • museums! We have passes to four local museums so we may try to go to one or two, though they’ll likely be packed so I’m going to play this by ear.
  • skating! Our outdoor rink is close and free so if it’s going to stay winter, we can at least try to enjoy it for a bit…and then come home and have hot chocolate and marshmallows.


  • a special request has been made to go play at a McDonald’s play structure, so I’ll grab a coffee and they can climb and play. I’m sure there will be a Happy Meal at the end for each girl.
  • we might try to catch a matinée one day of the LEGO movie (I’m not sure who wants to see it more, my husband or my daughters)
  • Indigo. They can play and look at books and I can enjoy a Starbucks. I call this a win/win!
  • swimming. Our pools are all having tons of family swim times and the price is quite reasonable, so I’m sure that we’ll end up at a pool for an afternoon or two.


  • see a special event! We’re going to see Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show on Sunday, and there is a coupon code in that link if you’d like to purchase tickets for your family
  • day trip! We’re going to go to Montreal for a day and we will visit the Biodôme for a change. This will be something out of the ordinary and should be a lot of fun!

What do you have planned for March Break?

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  1. caryn s
    March 10, 2014 at 8:12 PM (4 years ago)

    sounds like lots of fun! I love when my son is of from school as i can have family time with kids and just wake up and do whatever we feel like that day!


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