What We’re Reading: Picture Books

We’ve always been regulars at our local branch of the Ottawa Public Library, but now that I’m taking a course specifically about children’s books, we’re spending even more time than usual reading as a family. These are a few recent picture books that have inspired a lot of snuggles and choruses of “let’s read it again”!


  • Red is Best by Kathy Stinson – a classic story that I think every parent can related to; it doesn’t matter what item you’re talking about, red (or in our house, pink or yellow) is best.
  • 50 Below Zero by Robert Munsch – Robert Munsch books are always so much fun to read aloud, with all of the repetition and sound effects, and this book is particularly relevant since we’ve been dealing with the polar vortex this winter.
  • Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake by Michael B. Kaplan – Rowan’s favourite from our last library visit! This is one of those books that kids love and parents may not because the main character is a bit of a brat and doesn’t learn any sort of lesson at the end, but if you love chocolate cake, you’ll be able to understand why Betty Bunny is acting so obnoxiously. There are more books featuring Betty Bunny so I’m sure we’ll be checking them out soon.
  • Dirty Joe, the Pirate by Bill Harley – Dirty Joe and his crew sail around stealing socks, but he meets his match in Stinky Annie, who steals underwear…and is Dirty Joe’s big sister! The rhymes made my girls laugh and the illustrations were fun to explore, plus there is a moral that any big sister (myself included) will appreciate.
  • Slightly Invisible by Lauren Child – Charlie and Lola were a book series first and are now a television series as well. I was introduced to them through a classmate in my children’s book course and both of my daughters loved this story of Charlie, his little sister Lola and her imaginary friend Soren Lorensen. Soren is illustrated transparently and the girls loved searching for him on the pages once he was introduced!
  • Pirates & Princesses by Jill Kargman – a fun story about how boys and girls can remain friends even when it becomes usual to segregate due to gender; all it takes is remembering your common interests! Also great for kids who are starting school and feeling unsure of how to stay friends with their old friends who they don’t get to see as much anymore.

Do you have any picture book recommendations? We’re always looking for something new to read!

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