Dreaming of Summer

Am I the only crazy person trying to plan out my summer when it’s still the middle of winter?

While the girls are still having fun playing in the snow, I am so done with the cold and snow and amount of effort it takes to do anything! The summer programs fill up so quickly (FYI fellow Ottawa residents, the Spring/Summer recreation guide goes live on February 20 and you can start registering on March 3 at 9 pm for swimming and March 5 at 9 pm for the rest of the programs) and I don’t want to miss out on them, plus we will hopefully have a lot of fun things to look forward to: a trip to my uncle’s cottage, a wedding in Seattle, some visits with our extended families (all involving at least 5 hours of driving each way).

It already seems like we’ll be on the go every other week but summer travel is so easy. I miss these days of few layers and warmth!

Are you thinking about summer and making plans, or am I crazy and it’s far too early for this?

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