Holiday Hits and Wrap Up

I cannot believe how quickly the holiday season went this year! Having two little ones who were old enough to really be involved and excited about Christmas was just amazing. We were able to have a holiday that was exciting, full of fun and yet wasn’t too overwhelming. We held our annual cookie decorating party for Ashlyn and Rowan’s little friends on the Friday before Christmas and had 7 guests who were able to attend, with a few last minute cancellations due to the nasty bugs that are going around. To make it even more fun, we made it a pajama party!

Of course, we decorated the leftover cookies that weekend. Can’t let icing go to waste, right? It was too cold to walk around the neighbourhood, but we did do a few drives around to look at all of the lights. My husband’s work had a Christmas party for the kids, which our girls look forward to every year, and then of course there was the Christmas morning excitement. Now that we’ve had some time to recover, I thought I’d let you know which items in my 2013 Holiday Gift Guide were the biggest hits with the girls.

Biggest Not Just Baby Brain Holiday Gift Guide HITS!

  • I may have planted a seed in Ashlyn’s head that a kids tablet would be a fun thing to ask Santa for so the unwrapping of the LeapPad Ultra was the highlight of Ashlyn’s Christmas! It was a joint present and I’m very impressed with how well the girls are doing at sharing and helping each other. Thanks to their Grandma Diane and a great sale at Target, they have a few extra games to play, though I think the included Art Studio Ultra and Pet apps are the favourites. The camera on the LeapPad Ultra isn’t very good but so far the girls haven’t noticed or been bothered by it.

  • We received a number of DVDs to review and Rise of the Guardians has been watched at least a dozen times. The girls insisted on watching it with their Grandma Diane when she came to visit at Christmas, we had to bring it to my parents house a couple of days later (and they were visiting when we watched it the first time!), and it’s been on at least once a week since it arrived in our house. The girls have not gotten tired of it yet and I have to admit, I still love it too! Listening to Hugh Jackman’s voice isn’t the worst part of my day, let’s put it that way.
  • A close second is Mickey’s Christmas Carol. Rowan just watched it yesterday morning! It’s a classic story and the familiar characters make it memorable and fun.
  • I don’t know how I don’t have a good picture of my girls with their Groovy Girls but somehow I don’t. Ashlyn has big plans for her Daddy to build some beds for the Groovy Girls in the spring, and both girls are having fun playing with their dolls and changing their clothes. I think our collection will continue to grow over the years!
  • For games, it’s a toss up between Sofia the First Magical Tea Time Game and Raccoon Rumpus. Both are games that we can all play together, and that the girls can enjoy on their own when they make up their own rules.

Now Ashlyn is back to school, Rowan’s activities resume and my college courses start up next week. 2014 is off to a busy start!

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