Pirate Costumes put the ARRR in Merry Christmas

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Are my kids the only ones who like to throw a random “arrr” into their words when they pretend to sail the seven seas as pirates? I particularly enjoy “happy barrrrrrthday” and “Marrrrry Christmas”! I was a kid with a big imagination and it makes me so happy to watch my girls follow in my footsteps with their imaginative play, so a costume from Anytime Costumes is a perfect present for both of them!

After much deliberation, I decided to go with the Young Pirate Costume. This costume fits most children between sizes 3 – 6X so it should fit both of my daughters and their friends. It includes the hat, vest with sash and sword holder, eye patch and soft sword – everything that you need to perfect your pirate imitation.

Anytime Costumes Young Pirate Costume

I love finding a fun gender-neutral costume to add to our dress-up chest. It’s nice to give the boys an option that isn’t a princess dress and heels – though most are really good sports and go along with it for a bit, at least – and it’s fun to see what sorts of adventures my daughters come up with when they aren’t playing the same old scenes that they usually default to. They love to play with a friend’s pirate costume when they visit so I know that the eye patch and foam sword are going to be hot items in our house!

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