Our Christmas menu (with recipe links)

We’re doing early Christmas with my husband’s family this weekend, so I’m in full-on Christmas dinner prep mode today. I thought I’d share the recipes that we’re using this year; many are tried and true but there are a few new ones that I’m sneaking in.

Christmas TurkeyAs far as we’re concerned, the only way to do a turkey is using my Aunt Jina’s brine recipe. We did a different turkey last year (I think it was a recipe from Gordon Ramsay) and while it was good, it was a lot more work with no additional payoff, so we’re back to brining. I am going to try to roast our turkey the Pioneer Woman way because I’ve never had any of her recipes fail and it seems easy enough (and it involves basting in butter which should be delicious – I never said our meal would be low-calorie)!

For sides, I’m trying the Pioneer Woman’s cornbread stuffing for the first time, and then making our traditional mashed potatoes, David Chang’s brussel sprouts (with bacon!) and my friend Tasha’s homemade bun recipe. There will be lots of raw veggies available so I think that should be enough food for the 9 of us.

For dessert, I’m trying Bon Appetit’s pumpkin cheesecake with marshmallow-sour cream topping and gingersnap crust. Check out their picture below of it and tell me that’s not Christmas dinner worthy!

What’s on your Christmas dinner menu?

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