Skwooshi makes a great stocking stuffer

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I know that letting kids play with dough can be divisive: some moms love the quiet that it can afford, others can’t handle the mess that usually occurs! The fun that is had playing with dough usually negates the mess for me and I was happy to receive a new kind of ‘action compound’ by Skwooshi to try out!

What makes Skwooshi different? The main claim to fame is that it won’t dry out and I can agree that a few weeks into playing with it, this seems to be true. I found a piece on a rolling pin that was out for at least a week and it was just as soft and pliable as the Skwooshi still in the containers.

Skwooshi also claims to be mess-free and I don’t agree with that. Much like the goop that many of us have made in science class, Skwooshi is a solid when you squish it, then turns into a different substance when you stretch it out. You can see this in the second and third pictures above and it is those fibers that make a bit of a mess. It’s easy to clean up and as long as the girls don’t get it on my carpet, I don’t mind. The molds are fun too, but really my daughters just like to build and pull it apart.

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