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Jake and the Never Land Pirates: Never Land Rescue (#giveaway)

Have you ever encouraged your child to watch a particular show because you thought that you would enjoy it? Back in 2011, we saw the commercials for Jake and the Never Land Pirates and he insisted that we PVR it for Ashlyn because it looked like something he would want to watch with her. Ashlyn took a little convincing to get behind the show but it’s been a favourite in our home for a long time now and Rowan can’t get enough of Jake, Izzy and Cubby. Disney released a new Jake movie, Jake and the Read more […]

Rise of the Guardians hits the jackpot

One of the most fun things about having this blog is when the mail arrives and there’s clearly a special package. You’d think that I would know what was coming, but with the delays that can happen in the mail – especially for things coming into Canada from the United States – there are still surprises, even for me. When this large, shiny, red box with the fancy bow arrived at our house, we were all excited to open it and see what was inside! It was a Rise of the Guardians viewing kit! Finding Read more […]

Mickey’s Christmas Carol (#giveaway)

I don’t think I’m supposed to admit this, but I let my children watch a movie almost every afternoon. I know that the current trend is to allow to no screen time (or at least television screen time) but when both of my girls decided to stop napping around 2.5 years old, I instituted movie time in the afternoon as a way to get them to rest and quite frankly, to give me time to get things done, like school work and blogging. My favourite time on the weekends is when we have family movie time and Read more […]

Game time with Sofia the First and TMNT (#giveaway)

Playing a game is a great way to teach your child patience, taking turns, cooperation, strategy, and how to win or lose graciously. The best part is that all of these lessons are learned while having fun! Wonder Forge has games the whole family will enjoy playing together, which is perfect for those long winter weekends when you don’t want to leave your nice, warm house. Sofia the First Magical Tea Time Game – It’s time for tea with Princess Sofia. As the magical teapot blows on your Read more […]

Lalaloopsy Workshop

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have two little girls with consistent interests. Once they find something that they like (dolls, dress up, Star Wars), it seems to stick for a very long time. Case in point: Lalaloopsy! For over 2 years now, the love for Lalaloopsy  has been going strong in our house. If anything, they’ve become more popular as little sister has gotten big enough to play with them to. I know that my girls are going to be excited to open a new Lalaloopsy Workshop from our Read more […]

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