Give the Gift of a New Friend with Mooshka Dolls

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I loved playing with dolls when I was a little girl, so it makes me so happy to see my own daughters playing with my dolls. It’s so sweet to watch them take care of their ‘babies’ and while I’m happy to share my childhood toys, it’s also lots of fun to see what new dolls are on the market. My friends at MGA Entertainment sent a lovely Mooshka doll that I know Rowan will love to find under the tree this year. Who are the Mooshka dolls?

Mooshka dolls were once paper dolls, until one day they joined hands and through the power of friendship became huggable girls! Each doll is made from unique, soft fabric and comes with a paper doll, finger puppet and access to interactive e-books and app for i-devices.

MGAE Mooshka Dolls

I was actually introduced to the Mooshka dolls this summer when I volunteered at the Canadian Toy Testing Council, so I know that they are great for playing with and cuddling, and that the finger puppet is going to be a hot ticket in this house! I guess I didn’t read the packaging closely enough because I didn’t realize that there was an interactive e-book but I look forward to exploring that and seeing how Rowan works that story into her play with her Ina doll.

Mooshka dolls are recommended for ages 2+ and retail for $14.99 (for the smaller 9.5” Tots dolls) or $19.99 (for the larger 13” dolls pictured above). You can find them at major retailers across Canada!

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