The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition (review)


I’m always happy to find that a childhood favourite has held up to the test of time! As I mentioned in my Little Mermaid Diamond Edition giveaway post, we’ve been watching this classic on VHS for the last few years so I knew that the story line would still be every bit as magical as I remembered, but I was really interested to see what the difference would be in the quality of the Blu-Ray edition. The answer is that it’s like being back at the theatre!

The best part about the Disney Diamond Edition movies for me is always all of the fun bonus features that are included. We got to learn about Harold the Merman, who was cut due to time constraints but would have provided some foreshadowing about Ariel’s deal with Ursula. My daughters also love that when the movie is paused for the inevitable bathroom breaks, there is a fun intermission that runs to keep whoever is waiting entertained.

The hands down favourite is Crab-E-OKE! While the girls can’t read yet, they love to sing and dance along to their favourite Little Mermaid songs, and I like having the words available for the odd part that I don’t have memorized; it’s particularly handy for “Les Poissons”, where it turns out I’ve been singing many wrong lines for years.

If you  have a princess, mermaid or Disney fan in your life, “The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition” would be a perfect holiday gift! Be sure to check out Walt Disney Studios Canada on Facebook for trailers, photos, clips, giveaways and exclusive offers.

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