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Ah, the bedtime routine. It can be both the best and worst time of day, am I right? It seems like we’re running against the clock from the minute Ashlyn gets off the bus from school, and some nights even the beloved bath time has to be sacrificed if it’s getting too late. With my two bookworms, it’s more important to get a story these days!

It’s funny how our story time location has changed over the years. When Ashlyn was a toddler, we’d read together in her rocking chair, and then on the floor when my pregnant belly got in the way. Rowan has been hearing Ashlyn’s bedtime stories since she was in the womb and I think it’s why she had such clear preferences on what she wanted to hear from a young age. Once Ashlyn moved into a twin bed, we’d read there; sometimes all four of us would be on the bed!

When Rowan graduated to a bed, we thought that we’d move the bedtime stories into her room. That plan failed when the slats for her bed kept falling down because her twin bed wasn’t meant to hold 2 adults, a preschooler and a toddler! Now every night we read in Ashlyn’s double bed since we just fit better that way. We’ve tried to split up the stories and read to each girl separately a few times but it never works – they love those before bed cuddles together. Things are changing yet again now that Ashlyn has discovered chapter books; I’ve already heard “just one more chapter, please Mommy” at the tender age of 4.5 and I’m really surprised at how much Rowan is enjoying them too!


Of course, the best nights are the ones that start with fun in the tub and then lead to snuggly stories. Improved JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® products are paraben-free, dye-free and phthalate-free and we’ve found them to be very gentle on our daughters sensitive skin. No matter which version of our bedtime routine we follow, my very favourite part of bedtime are the good night hugs and kisses!

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