Our Summer Vacation: The Hopewell Rocks

Our first day trip on our summer vacation in New Brunswick was to visit the Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy. Neither my husband nor myself have ever been before and our big goal on this trip was to do as much outdoor-exploring type activities with the girls as possible (in between visiting with friends and family, of course) so it sounded like a great way to spend a day!

We checked the tide tables but unfortunately low tide was either too early (just after 6 am) or too late (around 6 pm) for us to work our visit around that day. We almost postponed our trip until later in the week when the low tide would be at a more reasonable time but thankfully we didn’t, as it poured rain on Friday. The girls had a blast ‘hiking’ through the forest on the trails and the views were breathtaking! Even though we couldn’t walk on the ocean floor, it was well worth the drive to Hopewell Rocks.

There was a playground that the girls enjoyed after our hike along the paths and a restaurant as well, but we decided to stop in the Village of Alma on our drive back to Sussex for lunch. We had a nice lunch at a little restaurant and then took a walk along a small beach that we had noticed on our drive out. It was the highlight of the girls’ day!

See how far away the girls and my husband are in the bottom picture? I was standing in the same place for both shots. Tide was going out and there must have been 20 more feet of beach when we left than there had been when we arrived about 30 minutes earlier.

Rowan spent most of her time sticking pretty close to me and throwing rocks into the muck, while my suddenly brave Ashlyn was running up and down the beach and exploring with her Daddy by her side. She thought that finding and holding seaweed was so much fun! We’ll make a point of coming back to Hopewell Rocks and Alma on our next trip out East.

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