Our Summer Vacation: Aboiteau Beach

Though the weather was cloudy and the forecast was rainy, we decided to keep our plans and head out to the beach while we were on vacation in New Brunswick. Our family, plus my husbands’s cousin and her family, my husband’s aunt and her friend and friend’s two grandchildren – 12 people in total – all headed out to Aboiteau Beach. This was our first time to Aboiteau Beach and the consensus was that we will happily return!

There was a reasonable fee of $7 to park for the day, and we were able to park mere feet from the beach centre, which had changerooms with showers, bathrooms, and a restaurant. A short walk down the boardwalk and we were at the beach! The girls loved putting their feet into the ocean and Ashlyn wasted not time in getting her Daddy to take her swimming (despite the fact that the water was freezing), while Rowan preferred to stay on the beach and play in the sand. All of the kids had a great time chasing the seagulls!

We had packed a ton of snacks but decided to get something from the restaurant to eat on the beach. I had a poutine that was ok, but my husband’s lobster club sandwich had everyone wishing they could change their order! After a couple of hours, the rain that had been threatening started to come down so we got everyone changed. By the time that happened, it had stopped raining, so the all of the kids played on the stage in the beach centre and then we went to the attached playground to burn some more energy. When the rain started again we all headed to Dairy Queen for an ice cream treat.

Despite the rain, I think our beach day was the highlight of our trip (perhaps second only to the beach in Alma). The girls got to play in the ocean, on a beach, look for shells, touch seaweed, chase seagulls, dance on a stage, play at a playground and have ice cream, while spending time with their second cousins (who are just a few months younger than Ashlyn) and new friends. All of the excitement must be what lead to this historic moment: a double van nap. I’m not sure this happened when we went 2 years ago when Rowan was an infant and Ashlyn was only 2!

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