Our Summer Vacation: Sussex, New Brunswick

I put my travelling with kids survival guide to the test last week when we drove from Ottawa to Sussex, New Brunswick to spend a week with my husband’s extended family! With upwards of 10 stops on the way there (perhaps potty training the 2 year old three weeks before we left wasn’t my brightest idea; on the upside not dealing with diapers while on vacation for the first time in FOUR YEARS was awesome!), it took us about 13.5 hours to make the drive.

We did a few day trips to different parts of the province but our home base was Sussex and we really fell in love with it (and the whole province, to be truthful) on this trip. Now that the girls are both officially out of the ‘baby’ stage we are starting to find vacations to be more fun than work and can really enjoy ourselves a lot more that our previous visits . We spent quite a bit of time at the O’Connell Park which has a great play structure, lots of climbing structures and a splash pad!

We had dinner at one of our favourite places, McQuinn’s backyard lobster bake (get the lobster roll and thank me later). It’s so much fun and a great place to take kids because you eat outside under a giant tent! There are some free backyard games to play, a giant field to let the kids run around in, and a golf driving range if you’re in the mood. Another day we checked out the new Taste and See Restaurant on Main Street for lunch. We got there at peak lunch rush so we waited quite a while for our meal, but it was well worth it. The fries were the best I’ve had in quite some time!

We went swimming one afternoon at the Potash Corp Civic Centre, which has a smaller therapeutic pool that is kept warmer and is perfect for little swimmers like my 2 year old. There is also a 25 meter swimming pool with lanes and 2 diving boards. This is where the 4 year old and her dad spent most of their time; imagine my surprise and pride when Ashlyn decided to jump off of a diving board all by herself! All of her swimming lessons this year have really paid off.

Stay tuned for more posts about some of the day trips that we took! Where are you headed this summer for vacation?

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