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Our Summer Vacation: Sussex, New Brunswick

I put my travelling with kids survival guide to the test last week when we drove from Ottawa to Sussex, New Brunswick to spend a week with my husband’s extended family! With upwards of 10 stops on the way there (perhaps potty training the 2 year old three weeks before we left wasn’t my brightest idea; on the upside not dealing with diapers while on vacation for the first time in FOUR YEARS was awesome!), it took us about 13.5 hours to make the drive. We did a few day trips to different parts Read more […]

LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles (giveaway)

It’s no secret that Star Wars and LEGO are favourites in our home so any time we can combine those two things, it’s a happy day. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to review DK’s LEGO® Star Wars®: The Yoda Chronicles! Full of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Yoda, LEGO® Star Wars®: The Yoda Chronicles has a suggested retail price of $18.99 USD and is recommended for fans aged 6+. There are pages about Yoda’s allies, his enemies, his galaxy and so much more. There Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – Agriculture Museum

On Sunday we braved the incredible heat and spent the afternoon at the Canada Agriculture Museum with our good friends, Amy of Splendid Events and her husband Michael. Since it was so hot, we practically had the entire farm to ourselves! The girls had a great time showing Amy and Michael around; we have a membership so we’re regulars and they felt so special acting as tour guides. After visiting all of the animals, learning some ‘life lessons’ from Michael such as ‘pretty animals are usually Read more […]

Just Right™ 6-Month Anticavity Kit (giveaway)

Do you have a fight from your kids whenever it’s time to brush teeth in your house? I do, but it’s not your typical fight: it’s about who gets to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. You see, both my 4 year old and my 2 year old think that they can put their own toothpaste on their own toothbrush and they get downright angry when I say no. The problem is that when they try to do it on their own, about 10 times more toothpaste than is needed ends up coming out, getting all over them, the toothbrush Read more […]

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