Summer reading – 4 year old edition

Ashlyn has always been interested in books: first as a food group (we used to joke that you could tell which books were loved the most by the amount of bite marks on them) and eventually as the stories they are meant to be. She’s on a bit of a series kick lately which is fine by me; it’s fun to read stories that have familiar characters and it makes requesting books at the library pretty easy too. Here is a list of her current favourites!

Ashlyn's Favourite Books

  1. Berenstain Bears series by Stan and Jan Berenstain – I read these as a child so they have a nostalgic quality for me, and I love the life lessons that are in each book.
  2. Pinkalacious series by Victoria Cann – very girlie books for my girlie girl.
  3. Fancy Nancy series by Jane O’Connor – I love the ‘fancy’ vocabulary that kids learn from reading these books.
  4. Anything by Melanie Watt – Chester and Scaredy Squirrel are beloved characters in our house.
  5. Just Joking by National Geographic Kids – Ashlyn is at the age where jokes start becoming funny to hear and tell, so we needed a joke book because I can’t remember most of the jokes that I knew as a kid. Lots of ‘knock knock’ jokes and gorgeous pictures of animals.

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