Bath time is the best time with JOHNSON’S® Baby

Since the day my oldest daughter came home from the hospital (which was also the day she was born), bath time has been an important ritual in our lives. I remember giving Ashlyn her first bath and being so nervous – I’m pretty sure the reason that she hated bath time for the first couple of weeks was because we had the water way too cold for her! Thankfully we figured it out pretty quickly and baths have been highly anticipated ever since.

(that’s Ashlyn at about 3.5 weeks old on the left and Rowan at 6 days old on the right)

When Ashlyn was little, we tended to split up bath time duties, but when Rowan was born it became a zone defense: one (usually Daddy) would bathe the toddler while the other (usually me) would bathe the newborn; both at the same time in the same bathroom but in separate tubs. We were all so happy when Rowan was big enough to take a bath with her big sister in the big tub!

That picture was taken over a year ago, and bath time is still their favourite time of day. We have used JOHNSON’S® Baby products since the beginning and I am happy to have added improved JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® baby products, which are paraben-free, dye-free and phthalate- free,  to our bath routine.It’s still a family affair though; while we would be more productive if we only had one parent do the bath routine, both my husband and I enjoy watching the girls play and be silly in the tub and it’s a fun time to chat and catch up so we usually all end up in the tiny bathroom during tubby time. We’re going to miss this time when they get too big for sharing a bath!

Need a little bath time inspiration? Visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby page on the Baby Centre website, or visit the JOHNSON’S® Baby Facebook page.

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  1. paula schuck
    July 3, 2013 at 9:54 AM (4 years ago)

    I remember when my gals were that size. So cute. My one child has really dry and sensitive skin so we look for things like this Johnson’s product that have no extra junk in them to keep her from itching.
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