What’s for dinner – Food Network Stars edition

We watch a lot of Food Network. It’s always safe to have one when the kids are around and it frequently inspires a dinner menu. Here are a few of our recent favourites:

  • We were watching Pioneer Woman the other night – it’s Ashlyn’s favourite show because it’s on a farm and she has a lot of kids – and Ree made salisbury steak which I’ve never had before. Silly me, I actually thought that it was steak, not ground beef! I was skeptical but it was delicious, especially with the cornbread muffins I made.
  • My husband and I love “The Sandwich King” and have ever since Jeff Mauro was on “The Next Food Network Star”. This is Ashlyn’s second favourite show (she likes watching Jeff’s son when he gets to help) and I made smothered BBQ chicken on Texas toast which was excellent as a sandwich! The next night I used the leftovers to make a pizza. Just put the chicken mixture on the dough, chop up some of the pickled onions and drizzle on a bit of the southern white sauce. I also used the last of the southern white sauce on some salmon and baked it and it was pretty tasty.
  • Tonight’s dinner is in frequent rotation: Jeff Mauro’s sloppy jose with chorizo, charred poblanos and avocado crema and perhaps his oven fried onion rings if my husband is home in time to help. These onion rings are by far the best ones I’ve ever made and they’re better than most of the onion rings that I’ve had in restaurants! If you make the onion rings, we recommend only making half of the buttermilk and flour mixtures; it’s just too much left over at the end.

Do you have any Food Network (or other television-related) favourites? I’m trying to branch out of our usual meals.

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