Making a princess cake for a princess’s 4th birthday

To the surprise of no one, Ashlyn chose a ‘princess’ theme for her birthday party last weekend. In order to make a princess cake, I decided on a rainbow velvet cake baked in a bundt pan and one of those creepy half-doll things you can find at craft or bulk stores.

I started by making the cake, using more food colouring gel this time to make the colour more vibrant:

Next came the fun part: decorating it! I placed a regular sized cupcake inside the middle of the bundt cake, then a giant cupcake on top, to make Cinderella’s skirt. Please note that in no way does this cake resemble Cinderella at all, it’s just the name Ashlyn gave to her cake.

Ashlyn chose purple for the cream cheese icing and when that was all done, it was time to make the princess ‘fancy’. We had sprinkles, mini M&Ms, some clear decorative sugar, gum drops, dragées (those silver ball decorations) and a bit of fondant cut into flowers (which we used for Cinderella’s top because I was afraid the icing would melt off and our poor princess might arrive at the table topless!). Let’s just say no one was deprived of any sugar!

And this is what it looked like when it was served:

It’s not  a perfect rainbow – I wanted the highest cake I could get so I used more of each colour than I ‘should’ have – but Ashlyn was thrilled with her rainbow velvet princess cake and that’s what matters!

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