How to make the coolest sandbox ever

Step 1: Mention that your current backyard sandbox is getting too small for your kids; when a friend suggests having your husband build them a new one immediately go online to find the most perfect plans for a sandbox with built-in seats that turn into the lid.

Step 2: let your husband see your children crammed into their current sandbox.

Step 3: show your husband the plans the next day, try not to fall down from shock when he goes right to Home Depot to get the supplies.

Step 4: admire the amazing sandbox that was built in an afternoon.

Step 5: cram as many children as possible into said sandbox at your daughter’s fourth birthday party the next day, stand back and enjoy!

In all seriousness, my husband is quite handy and he found the sandbox plans to be pretty straightforward. It took him roughly 5 hours to complete the entire project, which included a break for dinner and a minor setback when he realized he’d attached the seats to the wrong sides of the sandbox. He put a tarp underneath to act as a bottom to the sandbox to hopefully minimize the number of critters that find their way in there, and I plan to add some cinnamon this week to see if that helps too. This is the best part of our backyard now!

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