Get splashing with Stonz Rain Bootz

Ever since we came home from our trip to Florida in February, my almost-4-year-old has been telling me daily that she is done with winter and wants spring to come! I can’t blame her, though with over 20 cm of snow forecasted over the next couple of days I’m afraid it may never come. Even though until very recently there has been a significant amount of snow on the ground, I was still excited to be sent a pair of Stonz Rain Bootz in pink and black (of course) to review.

We have used Stonz Bootz and Stonz Mittz in the past so I was sure that the quality of their Rain Bootz would be fantastic, and I was not disappointed! As you can see above, Ashlyn was very enthusiastic about her new Rain Bootz and had to model them as soon as I got the package open. {Aside – yes, she is wearing a peal necklace a la Marge Simpson. It’s part of a mermaid costume that she got as a Christmas gift and she just loves it so how can I say no?}

Since the temperature has been slowly warming up, she’s been wearing her Rain Bootz outside for the last couple of weeks and has proven that they’re great for puddle stomping and splashing! Ashlyn finds them easy to get on and off all by herself; they stay on her feet quite well (I ordered them a little big so they’d last for a while, so if she swings her feet too much in her car seat they will slip off – such is life!) and most importantly, they keep her feet nice and dry!

These Stonz Rain Bootz will be getting a lot of use this spring and summer – and I anticipate that they will be handed down to her little sister to use – and I can’t wait to enjoy some outdoor fun!

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