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ComfyRumps cloth diapers (giveaway)

While I am hopefully in the home stretch of using diapers, I haven’t starting the potty training process with my youngest yet. This means that I’m still looking for cloth diapers that are cute, won’t break the bank (especially since I’m hoping to only be using them for a few more months) and fit a very active 2 year old. ComfyRumps, located in Port Moody, BC, was kind enough to send me one of their original ComfyRumps cloth diaper in midnight black to review. The ComfyRumps original is Read more […]

Staples makes coffee easy (you read that right)

I’m not entirely sure when I went from drinking the occasional coffee to requiring one to start my day, but I’m pretty sure it coincided  with the birth of my first child. I have loudly proclaimed my love of my ‘fancy’ coffee maker over the past few years (we received it as a wedding gift almost 6 years ago and it’s still going strong) but with my morning ritual going from a nice, hot cup of coffee that was drank at a leisurely pace while checking emails or reading the paper to something a little Read more […]

Groove while you build with LEGO DUPLO Jams cd (giveaway)

I’m sad to say that this is the last month of as a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent (well, officially at least – with all of the love that my family has for LEGO and LEGO DUPLO we’ll always be recommending it as a great toy). Our LEGO DUPLO sets are in constant rotation and the change in the girls’ level of play over the past seven months has really struck me; Ashlyn in particular has gone from building very basic towers and asking her Daddy to build her ‘cool’ stuff to making her own creations and showing Read more […]

Get splashing with Stonz Rain Bootz

Ever since we came home from our trip to Florida in February, my almost-4-year-old has been telling me daily that she is done with winter and wants spring to come! I can’t blame her, though with over 20 cm of snow forecasted over the next couple of days I’m afraid it may never come. Even though until very recently there has been a significant amount of snow on the ground, I was still excited to be sent a pair of Stonz Rain Bootz in pink and black (of course) to review. We have used Stonz Bootz and Stonz Read more […]

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