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We love to display our favourite pictures all over our house.  Frames, canvases, personalized calendars – it’s all fair game around here!  After our recent trip to Florida (you can read about our trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom here and SeaWorld Orlando here) I knew that we’d want to put up some new pictures as soon as possible. I was looking for a product that would work in the girls bathroom, so I decided to order a print on photoboard from Posterjack.ca.

I love collages – far easier for me to hang one piece of art with multiple pictures than fight to get a number of frames to look right – so I started out using the Posterjack.ca free collage maker. I couldn’t figure out how to edit or zoom in on the pictures once I placed them on their collage template, so I started over by just placing the pictures that I wanted onto the collage and resizing them to fit, and making sure to bring the biggest pictures to the foreground so that the smaller band of pictures line up nicely. I was really happy with the final outcome!

Because Posterjack.ca is a Canadian site – they call themselves Canada’s Photo Art Experts – it didn’t take long for my photoboard to arrive and there were no duty fees or extra charges upon delivery. I am thrilled with the quality of my photoboard!  Since the photoboards are extremely light, they can easily be displayed in a number of ways: propped up on a table or mantle, placed on a small ledge or hung on your wall. Unfortunately, I either wasn’t prompted or missed the prompt to order a way to hang my photoboard so I’ll figure out a DIY way to do that in the girls bathroom once we repaint it this spring (assuming spring actually arrives – is anyone else expecting more snow this week?). Plus, I found a perfect little ledge to display it on in the meantime.

The lighting in our basement makes it tricky to get a good picture, but the photoboard colours are extremely vivid and exactly as they appeared in the proof. With dimensions of 16 x 24 inches, you can clearly see the details of each individual picture and I think it captures our trip to Florida perfectly. Keep Posterjack.ca in mind when you’re looking for a way to display your newest favourite pictures after a spring break or Easter trip!

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