Our visit to SeaWorld Orlando

One place that we were really looking forward to going on our trip to Orlando was SeaWorld. The girls were excited to see dolphins and whales, my husband wanted to pet a stingray again (he’d been to SeaWorld as a kid) and I just wanted to see the manatees.  Don’t ask me why, but they’re my favourite marine animal!

We arrived at SeaWorld and started off by heading to the Pets Ahoy® show.  My mother-in-law had been recently and she thought the girls would love it.  She was right! There were cats, dogs, rats, birds and even a pot-bellied pig (Ashlyn’s favourite) all doing tricks and having fun. It was a very entertaining show and it really got our day off on the right foot!

As we left the theatre we ended walking past the Manta® Aquarium, where we spent quite a while watching the Manta Rays float by. They would come right up to the glass and the girls loved it!  We spent most of our morning looking at the different animal exhibits. The girls loved Dolphin Cove® as well.

 After a quick lunch, we switched gears a bit and went to watch Elmo Rocks! This was definitely a high point for both girls; not only could we sit in the front row, but they got to see all of their favourite Sesame Street characters up close and personal and could even sing and dance along! You can see Ashlyn dancing away in the picture below:

As a bonus, there was no additional cost for the Elmo Rocks! show and even the adults had a good time. Our next destination was the area with the rides for the kids.  Unfortunately, since Rowan is not quite 2 yet, she wasn’t tall enough to do very much.  She was very happy to ride the Seven Seas railway and climb the pirate ship while her big sister went on her first roller coaster (the Flying Fiddler, and she loved it!) and a fun spinning ride called Jazzy Jellies.   Even at almost 4, Ashlyn wasn’t tall enough to go on all of the rides in the kids area. It would be nice – though likely hard to enforce! – if the children’s ticket rates were based on height since many younger kids won’t be tall enough to do all of the rides.

We ended the day with a visit to the manatees and an ice cream – or in my case, a delicious root beer float! We did quite a lot of walking around the park and I was so glad that we had our UppaBaby G-LUXE with us because it was perfect for either girl to sit in comfortably and was easy to maneuver around the crowds. We had a perfect day, weather- and temperature-wise, and we were glad that we’d packed water bottles for everyone and sunscreen. Of course we had to stop at the large gift shop on the way out and Rowan picked a stuffed manatee, while Ashlyn decided on a SeaWorld Barbie.

All in all, we had a good time.  We did far too much criss-crossing around the park because we weren’t sure how long the girls would want to stay so we went to the attractions and shows that we had on our “must see” list instead of doing things in a more orderly fashion, and of course that meant that we didn’t see or do as much as we could have.  I would recommend SeaWorld Orlando for those with kids under 3 (who are free) or with kids over 42″ so that they can at least do all of the rides in the kids area – over 48″ would be ideal because then they can do the grown-up rides too.  It’s not a cheap day but if you love marine animals and rides, it’s a great way to spend a beautiful day in Orlando!

Disclaimer: I was provided with two single-day passes to SeaWorld Orlando to facilitate this review.  All opinions on my blog are always my own.

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