Mini Lalaloopsy RC Cruiser

We’re big Lalaloopsy fans in this house (our Mini Lalaloopsy Spot Splatter Splash and Coral Sea Shells are in frequent rotation) so I’m always happy to learn about new products, especially around prime gift-buying times like this!

MGA Entertainment sent me The Mini Lalaloopsy™ RC Cruiser® to review.  The RC Cruiser is a remote-controlled car that comes with a button-shaped controller and a Mini Lalaloopsy doll – ours came with Charlotte Charades, a little mime.  With room for two Mini Lalaloopsy dolls it’s a great way for the dolls to head out on an adventure!

There are two options for the driver: straight ahead or spin in a circle (no left or right, just a clockwise spin).  To be honest, I can’t really steer it where I want it to go but that’s not a surprise since I’ve never been very good with remote controlled toys.  My husband can work it much better and I have a feeling he’ll be the one helping our 3.5 year old since I think she’ll get frustrated.  I’m hoping that making the driving more of a fun thing instead of to a specific destination will help to decrease the frustration and increase the fun!

The remote and the RC Cruiser both have an “off” switch so I’m sure that the RC Cruiser will get plenty of use as a remote-controlled vehicle and as a regular car for quieter play.  The Mini Lalaloopsy™ RC Cruiser® is recommended for kids ages 4+ and retails for $24.99.

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