Add some FUN to your stocking with LUSH

I’ve been a LUSH addict for years now, ever since my university years when one of my roommates started working at the Byward Market store and I was introduced to their bubble bars.  Once you get used to the amazing scents and mountains of bubbles that are a standard LUSH feature it’s hard to go back to the drugstore bubble baths!

My girls are well aquainted with LUSH’s products – the magic wand is always a bathtime hit – so when a box full of goodies arrived it was all I could do to hold them off from jumping in the tub until after dinner!  LUSH has recently introduced a new line called FUN, which is the perfect name for this product.  There are five different colours to choose from: pink (vanilla and tonka), yellow (vanilla), green (lemon and lime), red (orange peel) and blue (chamomile and lavender).

FUN comes packaged like a giant candy and it’s a multi-use treat; you can use it as bubble bath (crumble a bit under running water – depending on which colour you pick the water will be coloured too but thankfully it doesn’t leave any colour on the tub when bathtime is over), or as soap or shampoo (just break off a small bit and rub it in your hands to lather). You can even use it for crafts, like a modelling clay, though we haven’t tried that yet.   Ashlyn loves to pick one colour for her bubbles and another for her soap – I love when she picks the blue or green because they leave a little colour on her skin until you rinse it so I can see how good of a job she’s done.  Add a little FUN to the stocking of someone you love this season, or treat yourself!

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