Hexbug Warrior Battling Robots

The Hexbug family has expanded!  I was first introduced to them last year and now there are Hexbug Warrior Battling Robots.  These tiny micro robots use the physics of vibration to move and battle against each other.  What makes the Warriors different is that you can use a combination of armor and mechanical weapons to rise to victory!

There are 4 rival science academies, each with a different colour, that can do battle against each other.  Each Warrior can operate in Training Mode (unlimited health so you can practice your technique) and then when it’s time for battle, switch the Warrior to Match Mode (where the health of your robot decreases with each hit until the loser is deactivated – there is even a Damage Indicator Light that goes from green to red as your Warrior’s health decreases). 

I live in a world of pink so it’s refreshing for me to see how ‘the other side’ entertains themselves.  I can see why they’re so popular for boys and girls!  Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots are for children aged 6+ and you can buy them individually or in sets that include a Battle Stadium or Battle Arena.

Hexbug Warriors Battling Robots have been nominated under the Action Toys category for the Time To Play People’s Play Awards!  Click on the button below to be taken to the voting page and you can cast your vote for your favourite toys (and hopefully that includes Hexbugs!).

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