Playing and learning with Lego Duplo

My girls love to play.  This is no surprise, as most children do, but a pleasant surprise for me was how much they love to play together.  At almost 3.5 and just over 1.5 it’s rarely without incident, but I try to encourage their play as much as I can.  By virtue of having an older sister, little Rowan has already learned to how to sit and play for quite a long time – I actually joke that she’s so focused because she’s learned that if she puts a toy down it may be claimed by her sister before she has a chance to pick it back up!

It’s important in our house to have as many toys that our girls, and their friends, can play with together and separately.  Building with blocks is great imaginative play and I am very excited to be a LEGO DUPLO Play Agent, though maybe not as excited as my husband is!  To start us off, we received a LEGO® DUPLO® Large Brick Box, one LEGO® DUPLO® Bricks and Books set, LEGO® DUPLO® Play with Letters, and LEGO® DUPLO® coupons to share with our communities.  There was also a Samsung Wi-Fi Digital Camera which means I can finally send pictures from my camera directly to my Facebook; I’m having a lot of fun with that!


One of LEGO® DUPLO®’s core beliefs is the importance of learning through play.  We have been enjoying the Bricks and Blocks, which is a board book and the LEGO® DUPLO® bricks to build elements of the story.  Both girls love the Let’s Go! Vroom! book and Ashlyn even acts out the story with the airplane and car that we build during the story.

I was inspired by LEGO® DUPLO® to use “learning through play” as a topic for a research project that I am working on for a college course that I am taking, and I was surprised to learn that one definition of play is that it is a child’s way of working out a problem that they have set themselves, in their own way.  This had lead me to be much more hands off when the girls are building with their LEGO® DUPLO® (meaning I sit and watch and encourage, rather than offering suggestions or taking over) and it’s amazing for me to watch them solve their own problems through trial and error.  Ashlyn is very interested in building bridges, towers and airplanes.  At 1.5, Rowan’s favourite thing to do with her LEGO® DUPLO® is to dump out the whole bucket and put each individual piece back in.

There has been some unexpected learning happening when the LEGO® DUPLO® comes out.  My favourite thing is watching Ashlyn help her little sister to build a tower, or when Ashlyn tells Rowan what letter is on the Play with Letters block that Rowan is holding, or names the colour of the brick that Rowan is holding up expectantly.

LEGO® DUPLO® and the Canadian Library Association (CLA) have joined forces to host out The Great Learn Through Play Project.  Click on the link to nominate your favorite or local library, and 13 libraries across Canada will win $500 in LEGO® DUPLO® products to help promote learning through play, and 13 lucky people will win $350 in LEGO® DUPLO® products, simply for nominating a library. Talk about a win/win situation!

I am a LEGO® DUPLO® Play Agent and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are always my own.

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  1. Amanda @ Natural Mommie
    October 16, 2012 at 11:41 AM (5 years ago)

    I find Lego helps my boys play really well together because since they’re both actively using their imaginations and showing each other new ways to build. Isn’t it wonderful when they start playing together and fight less?! Great post!
    Amanda @ Natural Mommie recently posted..wordless wednesday: grateful

  2. Stacey
    October 17, 2012 at 2:15 PM (5 years ago)

    Amanda, I totally agree with you, being able to be creative together seems to increase the fun and decrease the fighting :) Plus it’s easier to substitute a block than a baby doll!


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