First day of nursery school

A’s first day of preschool was on Friday.  Do you think she was a little excited?

Yes, that was mid-jump.  She’s been home with me ever since she was born so I was a little worried about how her first morning would go, but she went right in and made herself at home as soon as we arrived.  It definitely helped that her nursery school is at  A Gym Tale, where we have taken many classes and had lots of fun over the last year and a half!  Knowing the teacher and territory certainly helped A feel comfortable.

Above is her “princess pose”; I have no idea where she came up with it.  This week will be the real test: her first time there for the whole morning, without any parental supervision.  I’m actually more worried about keeping her little sister busy while big sister is gone; R has no idea that she’s not a big kid and is going to be quite ticked that she’s not going to nursery school too!

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