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It’s hard to believe how quickly my girls are growing up!  A turned three just a few months ago and at the time, I swore that she was still too young for Barbies – all of those tiny pieces, all over the house, with a toddler just itching to eat them?  Yikes!  Yet I’m starting to remember how much fun I had when I was a little girl playing with Barbies and my stance is quickly changing; it would be easy to store the small pieces away for a few more months and just bring them out when the toddler is sleeping, and Barbie is just as much fun even if her shoes have to be hidden at times.  I have a hunch there may be a Barbie or two under the Christmas tree this year.

I still remember which of my friends had the best Barbies (to this day, I am jealous of my friend Sara’s awesome old-school Barbie camper and my old neighbour Andrea’s Barbie Dream House!) and I know that we spent hours dressing Barbie in various fabulous outfits, learned how to braid using her hair and came up with all sorts of dramatic adventures!  Seeing how A’s imagination is blossoming, I can just picture how much she would love to pretend to be a vet alongside Barbie, or an astronaut, or a chef or a movie star…and of course, there are all of the clothes and accessories to play with too.  Barbie even has a wide variety of movies; A insisted on renting Barbie’s “A Christmas Carol” last week.

With 2 little girls in our house, it’s only a matter of time until we live in a Barbie World.  Did anyone else just get the “Barbie Girl” song from Aqua stuck in their heads?  I digress.  I know I’m not the only mom who has a hard time paying full price for toys, so I’m very excited to be sharing some great deals with you over the next few weeks!


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