Ice Cube Painting for Kids

I saw this floating around the Internet last summer but never had a chance to try it out.  With all the hot weather we’ve been having lately, ice cube painting seemed like the perfect way to have some crafty fun and stay cool at the same time!   First, I filled an ice cube tray that we use for crafts with water. Then A helped me by squeezing some drops of food colouring into each compartment to make different colours; she loved doing this! We stirred the colours with qtips and left them in to act as handles.


The next day one of A’s friends was over to hang out with us for the afternoon.  We took the ‘paints’ outside and the girls spent almost an hour painting, stirring, splashing and having a grand old time!

As you can see in the last picture, A’s dress looked a little worse for wear by the end.  I put some stain treater on it and washed it that night and it came out perfectly clean.  A’s friend has been over since we painted and the first thing she asked me was if we were ice cube painting again!  This is going into our regular rotation of crafts for sure.

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