What’s for dessert: Rainbow velvet cake

When I came across this leprechaun trap cake on Pinterest I knew it was something I had to try!  Everything that I read online said that using a boxed white cake mix was the way to go but I had this crazy idea to use a red velvet cupcake recipe from an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay and it was a hit.

I separated the batter into 6 bowls of decreasing amounts.  The largest bowl was dyed red using gel food colouring, the next orange, and so on.  Because of the cocoa powder in the recipe the colours are more muted than if the batter was a stark white.Now comes the hard part – getting it into the bundt pan!

After a good butter and flouring, I put a layer of red batter, about halfway up the pan.   This makes for a smaller cake than I’d usually make in this pan but I was afraid if I overfilled it the rainbow wouldn’t work.  Then I put the other colours into separate plastic bags and snipped a corner off.  I ‘piped’ the orange in next, leaving a rim of red around each side.  Then I ‘piped’ the yellow in the centre of the orange, then the green, blue and purple.  As you can see, keeping a steady hand was much harder than I anticipated!

I had lots of batter left over, so we made cupcakes; they have all of the colours in them but we just sort of blobbed them in instead of attempting the piping..  Once the cake was baked and cooled, Ashlyn helped me make the cream cheese icing and added the sprinkles.  Yes, we inadvertently made a Homer Simpson donut cake.

And when we cut the cake – success!  A very pretty, and very tasty, Easter cake.

I’m thinking of doing a variation of this for Ashlyn’s birthday in a few weeks, it was definitely worth the effort.

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