Do It Yourself Cupcake Birthday Shirt

I started with a plain, $4 t shirt from Walmart that has a tulle bow at the neck.

Next I raided my scrapbooking supplies for a fancy button and some ribbon.  I cut a 1.75 inch length of thin ribbon and attached it to the shirt when I sewed the button on to make the candle.

Then I cut 5 pieces of ribbon to 1.5 inches to make the ‘wrapper’.  I used a bit of scrapbook adhesive to keep the bottom together than pinned it at the bottom and used another pin to keep it in place on the shirt.

Then I sewed along the sides and bottom to attach it to the shirt.  I also did a stitch at the top where the candle meets the wrapper to keep it in place.

I didn’t bother doing the top because I figured adding the ribbon ‘icing’ would take care of that and I don’t sew any more than I absolutely have to!  I couldn’t take pictures as I did the icing because I didn’t have enough hands.  I was trying to do a bunch of cute loops but I failed pretty badly; I just couldn’t figure out how to sew them properly.  In the end, I used about 12 inches of ribbon and did an accordion fold, sewing through each fold as I went.  Then I sewed it into place.  Voila!

It didn’t take very long to make – maybe 2.5 hours total – and would have taken far less time had I not been parenting while crafting, and if I sewed more than twice a year.  I can’t wait ti put it on the birthday girl next week!

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