I thought it was called ‘spring’ cleaning?

You always hear about spring cleaning, but for me the cleaning bug always seems to hit mid-winter.  I think it’s because when the weather is nice we’re not spending much time inside, but now that it’s cold and icy/slushy/snowy outside we’re inside most of the time and the clutter has more opportunity to make me crazy enough to actually do something about it!

My first order of business was to organize Ashlyn’s craft stuff better.  I had it all in 2 plastic totes on top of our pantry and it wasn’t working at all: things didn’t fit, the boxes were heavy and hard for me to get down, and everything got lost inside.  I had a storage unit that I used to use for scrapbooking that was free, so I brought it into the kitchen.

All of the things I don’t want her to have free reign over are in the box (paints and play dough, mostly) and everything else is sorted by drawer: crayons, stickers, colouring books (2 drawers), paper (2 drawers), paint with water books, random craft stuff like pompoms and googly eyes, her beads (we like to sort them by colour in mini-muffin tins, or string them on pipe cleaners to make headbands or necklaces), and then her smock and paint trays (re-purposed dollar store ice cube trays).

A far bigger project has been my scrapbook desk in the basement!  My husband picked up the storage cubes (there are 6 of them) at Michaels, then built a desktop over them.  The bookcase is Ikea, we have at least 4 of them in various places in our home!

I cannot wait to get scrapping and use my brand new Cricut!  I have all of my papers sorted and I even went through all of my scraps to sort them – that was interesting.  Not sure what I was thinking keeping some of those teeny pieces of paper.

I feel so much better having a better organized kitchen and craft area.  My next project will be tackling that mess of a bookcase on the right!

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  1. Tasha Alexander
    January 25, 2012 at 5:22 PM (6 years ago)

    Looks great. How exciting that you have a craft/scrapbook spaced set up now. I know I need to tackle my kids craft stuff. I like the idea of the cart/drawer thing you used but I have no space for it so I’ll have to come up with something else.


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