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mOmma by Lansinoh – review

mOmma® is an Italian-based collection of baby and toddler feeding essentials that Lansinoh has recently released in North America.  Functional while being pretty and fun, they have rounded, ergonomic designs that make them easy for little hands to use.   We received a plate to review.  My almost 2-year-old likes that there are two separate compartments so that things don’t have to touch if she doesn’t want them too, and they are deep enough that she can use a spoon to get her food out Read more […]

My early Mother’s Day present

I know, Mother’s Day isn’t until Sunday, but since that’s also Ashlyn’s second birthday – how can she be 2 already?  Where is the time going? – my husband said I could open my Mother’s Day present when it arrived last week…especially since I already knew what it was. I gave him a Kindle for Christmas and have been coveting an ereader ever since, so I’m happy to have one of my own!  I think any new mom who loves to read really needs to invest in (or be given!) an ereader, since I don’t have Read more […]

Libre Tea – review & giveaway

I love my coffee first thing in the morning, but for the rest of the day I’m a tea girl.  Winter or summer, I love a nice mug of tea and over the last year or so I’ve slowly become a loose tea fan – my husband might say I’m obsessed.  The downside to loose tea is that if you want to make a mug for “on the go” – and with a busy toddler and a new baby, I’m pretty much always “on the go” – you usually have to make the tea first in a pot or separate glass, and then add it to your travel mug, which Read more […]

The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet – review & giveaway

 I’m going to be honest here – I did not enjoy it when Ashlyn started solids at 6 months old.  It was confusing to figure out what she could eat at each age, she hated all jarred baby food (and I can’t blame her, have you tasted some of them?) and wasn’t a big fan of what I was making her either.  Eventually she started eating “real” food but it was stressful while we figured things out. Rowan is only 7 weeks old right now but I’m already thinking ahead to when we’ll introduce solids.  Read more […]

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