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Kidorable Back to School Boot Sale

It’s hard to believe that it’s back to school shopping time already, isn’t it?  While Ashlyn isn’t headed off to class this year, it’s the perfect time for us to start our fall wardrobe shopping, and rain boots are at the top of our list. Kidorable sent Ashlyn a pair of butterfly rain boots which were a hit from the moment she saw the box.  Purple and butterflies are two of her favourite things these days so she had them on within minutes.  In a happy coincidence, it was raining yesterday Read more […]

What’s for breakfast – banana pancakes

My little monkey Ashlyn loves her bananas, but if we buy more than 4 guaranteed there will be a few that go mushy before we get to them.  For a change of pace, I decided to make banana pancakes on the weekend for the first time using this recipe with a few little tweeks.  Ashlyn loved helping to crack the eggs and mash the bananas; she’s becoming quite the little helper in the kitchen. Add some syrup and turkey bacon and you’ve got Ashlyn’s favourite breakfast!  This makes about 6 pancakes Read more […]

Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids

Like every other mom I know, I have a camera handy almost all the time.  I even have a fancy digital SLR camera to help me get that “perfect shot”.  Unfortunately, I’m not a professional, and I mostly keep that lovely camera on the auto function, which is such a waste.  No more! Mamarazzi: Every Mom’s Guide to Photographing Kids is a must have for any aspiring “mamarazzi”.  Full of absolutely beautiful pictures taken by a number of very talented professional photographers, it covers everything Read more […]

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Crane and Cargo Figure 8 Set (giveaway)

Even though we’re spending as much time as we can outside these days, sometimes it’s too hot (or rainy) to be outside.  That’s when a new toy that encourages imaginative play really comes in handy!   Ashlyn has been really into trains lately, so we were very excited to receive the new Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Crane and Cargo Figure 8 Set.  Made of wood, with a plastic bridge, it took seconds to put together, which I find very important when you have an impatient toddler watching Read more […]

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