HEXBUG Nano for the holidays

Have  you heard about HEXBUG® Nano?  All of a sudden they seem to be everywhere!  They’re tiny (1.75 inches each) little micro robotic bugs that uses the physics of vibration to skitter along and explore its environment on smooth surfaces.  They can even flip from their back to their front and vice versa!  It’s fun to watch since you can’t be sure where exactly your HEXBUG will go next.

While you can set them loose on any flat, smooth surface and watch them go, they’re even more fun if you use one of their habitats!  The HEXBUG® Nano Spiral Starter Set is a great way to see how much the HEXBUGS can do.  Featuring 2 levels, you can watch your HEXBUG make his way up and down the spiral ramp.  All of the habitat sets are expandable and interchangable so you can combine as many habitats as you’d like as you grow your collection.  It’s important to remember that the HEXBUG Nanos don’t always stay inside of their habitats so make sure to keep an eye on them in case you get an escapee.

 My favourite Nanos are the ones that glow in the dark!  They have their own special habitats that also glow in the dark, but of course they work on any of the Nano habitats.  I can see this being a big hit at sleepovers!


Each habitat comes with a unique mutation of Nano.  HEXBUG Nanos run on ‘bug food’ (akaAG13/LR44 batteries, which are included and are available for purchase where you buy HEXBUG products).  HEXBUG Nanos are recommended for ages 3 + and are available online and in many stores nationwide.

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