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Stocking Stuffers are so much fun to buy, and yet can be the hardest gift at the same time!  Do you go random, or practical – and do they really have to fit in the stocking?  I tend to do a little of both, and then pile everything around and under the stocking too.  With 2 young children this year, I’m avoiding the mall as much as possible and looking to my favourite online stores to do the bulk of my shopping.  First on my list is Uncommon Goods; With a name like that, you know you’ll find unique presents for everyone on your list!  I’m loving this Scratch Map; you scratch off parts of the map to indicate where you’ve been.  What a great present for the traveller in your life.

Gifts for Girls shouldn’t be hard for me, but since my girls are so little I still need guidance when shopping for girls over the age of 5.  I could see these Crocheted Headphones being a big hit with a few girls on my list (tweens, teens and adults alike)!

Gifts for Boys are a real challenge since I’m surrounded by girls!  When I get the chance to buy from “the blue side”, it’s fun to see something that’s not a sea of pink.  I can think of quite a few little guys who would be more than happy to come to the table for a meal if it meant that they could eat off of their Construction Plate & Utensils!

I really enjoy that I can get my shopping done during the few quiet moments that randomly occur over the course of the day, and I’m not worried that the recipients will already have anything that I’m looking at on Uncommon Goods.  And of course, having my gifts delivered to my door beats loading up a baby and a toddler and dragging them around a mall any day!  If only Uncommon Goods could do all of my wrapping too….

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