Stuff their stockings with Playtex and Kachooz!

I’ve got 3 stockings to stuff this year and I’m on the lookout for all sorts of different things to make everyone happy!  For Rowan, since she’s getting the hang of solid foods and drinking out of cups, there will be a Playtex® The First Lil’ GripperTM Straw Trainer Cup.  Featuring a soft, flexible straw and sturdy handles on both sides, it’s easy for her to pick up and drink from already.  I really appreciate that there is a sliding top so that it’s easy to travel with (I hate it when I lose the travel top to sippy cups) and that it is squeezable so you can get the water to the top of the straw to encourage the baby to drink from it when they’re just starting out and don’t have a clue what this cup is for.  I’ve seen these cups all over the place, including Walmart and Loblaws.

Now that Ashlyn is getting older, we’re getting introduced to all sorts of new toys, including Kachooz!  These are tiny fuzzy creatures whose hair goes wild when you spin your pencil between your hands.   I’m thinking Ashlyn will love them when we introduce pencil crayons soon!  They also have little loops hidden in their hair so they can be worn as necklaces, which I know she and her friends will love.

There are nine different moops (groups), including Mohawk (they have even more hair than the others) and rainbow.  Kachooz! are available in both two and four packs, and range from $6.99 (2pk) to $10.99 (4pk). All Kachooz! products are available at Walmart, Toys “R” us and Loblaws.

What kinds of things are you putting in your kids’ stockings this year?

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