Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll

All Ashlyn wants for Christmas this year is a new baby doll.  She even worked up the nerve to ask Santa for one in person, only to find out that she has to wait for Christmas Day to get it!

I received the Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll from Mattel to review and I know Ashlyn is going to love it when she opens it!  For ages 2 and up, this little doll has all sorts of features that will make my little girl feel like a ‘little mommy’.  The doll says a number of phrases, including asking for her bear and for her mommy to fix her booboo.  She can also open her arms wide to show just how much she loves you, and her hands hold her popsickle, which even turns her little tongue green!

I have played with tested this doll out and it’s really impressive!  My 2.5 year old will love that her baby’s eyes close when she lies down and that the Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll is so cuddly and easy to carry around.  I particularly like that it comes with batteries (so there won’t be a Christmas Day panic when Ashlyn opens her up and then we have to find a way to make her work) and that there is an on/off switch so that Ashlyn can play with her quietly when her baby sister is sleeping.  Plus, she comes in a sweet purple outfit, which just happens to be my little girl’s favourite colour these days.

You get a doll, juice pop, bear, ”bandage”, wiping cloth, bowl and spoon accessory pieces for the suggested retail price of $74.99.  You can find the Little Mommy™ My Very Real Baby™ Doll at major retails in Canada and the USA, or you can purchase it directly from Mattel.

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