B Kids Soft Peek-A-Boo Blocks and Stack’n Link Pal


Rowan is 8 months old and has hit the super cute, interactive, playing with toys phase.  It can be a challenge to find simple toys that don’t require batteries and that don’t cost an arm and a leg.  B Kids and Southard Inc were kind enough to provide me with two new toys that will provide Rowan (and Ashlyn) with hours of entertainment and might even give me enough time to drink an entire coffee while it’s still hot.

The Soft Peek-A-Boo Blocks are clearly going to be one of Rowan’s favourite gifts under the Christmas tree this year.  That’s the nice thing about having a baby, you can give them a toy to try out and wrap it up and they won’t remember.  The Soft Peek-A-Boo Blocks come with 6 soft blocks and 3 peek-a-boo blocks.  As soon as I  took the soft blocks out and put them on the floor, she was army crawling over to check them out.

They make excellent chew toys for a teething baby, and the harder blocks open to reveal the soft block inside!  There are fun peek-a-boo windows on the harder blocks too which make them easy for little babies to grab.  While Rowan won’t be able to put things into the hard blocks by herself for a while, I think her big sister will have fun helping with that!  They also makes a great tower to knock over and since most of the blocks are soft, you don’t have to worry about a corner catching your baby on the head when they fall.

The second toy that we were sent was the Stack’n Link Pal.  What makes this different from other stacking toys that you’ve seen is that the rings are actually links that can attach to each other and to the adorable monkey head.  Rowan (showing off her newfound sitting skills in the picture above) isn’t at the point that she can stack anything, but she can knock her Stack’n Link Pal over and thought that was a whole lot of fun!  She also really enjoyed chewing on the monkey and could easily grab his ears.

Both of these toys would make a younger baby very happy this holiday season!  They feature bright colours and are easy for babies over 6 months old to play with, and as a bonus are the kind of toy that will grow with them through many stages of development, so they won’t be outgrown in a matter of weeks.  You can find B Kids on Facebook and on Twitter at @bkidsfun.

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