Ottawa Butterfly Show

I took the girls to the annual biology butterfly show at Carleton University this morning.  We tried to go yesterday but the lineup was way too long for a toddler’s attention span.  We had a good time, despite a pooplosion that meant poor Rowan was wearing only a sweater and a blanket as an outfit (the car seat AND stroller covers are in the wash) and Ashlyn alternating between fits because she wasn’t holding a butterfly and the butterflies coming too close.

The exhibit is FREE and on until October 10th.  I highly recommend checking it out!  A couple of tips: wear bright clothes (the butterflies loved the stroller and Rowan’s blanket and toys), wear layers because it is HOT in there, and bring some orange slices to entice the butterflies to visit you (they make a great snack if you get bored, as Ashlyn discovered).

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