Playtex VentAire Advanced

Even though Rowan is breastfed, it’s nice for Mommy to get a bit of a break and let other people enjoy feeding her.  A big concern for a lot of breastfeeding moms is finding the right bottle: one that their baby will take, and that won’t hinder the breastfeeding relationship that has been established.

Playtex VentAire Advanced bottles give babies less gas, spit-up and other feeding discomforts than other bottles on the market due to the unique micro channel vent technology.  I love that all the pieces of the bottle are dishwasher safe and that it comes in a WIDE model that reduces nipple confusion by featuring a silicone nipple with a wide shape and raised textured surface to make it more like “the real deal”.

While Rowan still isn’t a total convert, I’m glad that we have a few bottles on hand for when we need them!  You can visit Playtex Mommyville for more information about the Playtex VentAire system and their other products, like Ashlyn’s favourite cup these days, the Coolster Tumbler.

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