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40 Love (giveaway)

40 Love was the first book that Madeleine Wickham actually wrote, long before she established herself as a go-to author for fun, chick-lit books like her Shopaholic series (under the name Sophie Kinsella). “At their country estate, Patrick Chance and his wife make a fateful decision to host a seemingly innocuous weekend tennis party – “seemingly” being the operative word here.  As the four couples gather on the sunny terrace over the brilliant weekend, it becomes quickly obvious who Read more […]

What’s for Dessert – 5 Minute Chocolate Cake

Some days just need to end in chocolate…with or without an accompanying glass of wine. It’s been a long day here – the baby decided that 5:30am was a perfectly good time to wake up and that naps were overrated today, the toddler has a fever and is cranky but also wants to play outside all day, my husband is out of town – and while I would love nothing more than some Bobbly Flay brownies I just might fall asleep before the first step is done. Enter the 5 minute chocolate cake.  I got the recipe Read more […]

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Put and Take Purse (giveaway)

Although it may be hard to believe, since we have 2 daughters, we’re actually not over-run with baby toys.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got plenty of toys, but not a lot that are safe and appropriate for Rowan to use at 5 months old.  She’s getting to that fun age where she can pick up toys and is interesting in playing, so we were happy to add Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Put and Take Purse to our collection. Featuring a large plastic purse with a bow that plays different sounds, it comes with Read more […]


Today I turned 30.  A whole new decade is ahead of me.  It’s strange, because I truly think I’m one of the very lucky ones – I’m actually exactly where I hoped to be at this age.  Now to find some new goals to achieve in the next 10 years! Because of my husband’s work schedule, we celebrated a little early.  He made me Ben Starr’s Pumpkin Carrot Cake for my birthday and it was devine!  If you watch MasterChef, he was one of the contestant’s this year and there is a reason that judge Graham Read more […]

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