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There is nothing I hate more than wasting money, and when I have to throw out food because it’s gone stale it makes me crazy.  We have various clips to keeps bags closed but I never seem to have the right size available when I need it. I was sent The Gripstic to try out.  It’s easy to use and because the Gripstic slides across the entire bag you don’t have to worry about not closing the bag tight enough. The Gripstic is as easy as 1 (fold the top of the bag and place the yellow guide under Read more […]

Wordless Wednesday – Feeding the ducks

Last Friday, my husband and I went to  Watson’s Mill with some of my mommy friends and their little ones so that we could have a little picnic and feed the ducks. Ashlyn had a blast! And in case you were wondering where Rowan was, you can just see the top of her head in our Belle Baby carrier; she’s so comfy in there that she slept through the whole trip! Read more […]

Losing the baby weight the second time around

I have to admit, I’m not totally sure how much weight I gained when I was pregnant with Rowan.  My midwives didn’t require me to weigh myself at every visit and although I did weigh myself the day before I went into labour (in case I wanted/needed drugs), I seem to have blocked out that number.  I’m pretty sure it was around the 35 lb mark though, which is quite similar to what I gained with Ashlyn. At any rate, I’m definitely noticing a difference in how quickly the weight is coming off the Read more […]

3 months old

Why does time have to go by so fast?  Rowan will be 3 months old on Wednesday (!) and we had a few professional pictures taken last week – I can’t believe how big she’s getting all of a sudden! Image via Elizabeth Fulton Photography You can see more of our sweet Rowan on Elizabeth’s blog post.  There are definitely a lot of perks to having a friend who is such a talented photographer! Read more […]

Lamaze Tummy Time Air (giveaway)

  One of the first things I get asked when we take Rowan to the doctor for her check ups is “how’s tummy time going?”.  It’s so important to give babies time off their backs and Lamaze Tummy Time Air is a fun way to encourage tummy time! “Tummy Time is an important developmental phase for all newborns, and Lamaze Tummy Time Air offers baby a fun and comfortable opportunity for encouraging tummy time play. This innovative activity gym features two ends of play with bright colors and large, Read more […]

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