There is nothing I hate more than wasting money, and when I have to throw out food because it’s gone stale it makes me crazy.  We have various clips to keeps bags closed but I never seem to have the right size available when I need it.

I was sent The Gripstic to try out.  It’s easy to use and because the Gripstic slides across the entire bag you don’t have to worry about not closing the bag tight enough.

The Gripstic is as easy as 1 (fold the top of the bag and place the yellow guide under the crease), 2(slide the Gripstic across the top, keeping the yellow guide between the Gripstic cover and the bag), 3(center the Gripstic across the top of the bag).

With sizes that fit snack bags, baking supplies and coffee bags, I can keep a wide variety of food fresh longer, and you can use them in the freezer!  I can think of a hundred things around the house that I could use Gripstics on, can’t you?  I think the best part is that unlike some of the other clips that I own, my toddler can’t open the Gripstic by herself so my snacks are safe again!

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