June 13th 2011 archive

Losing the baby weight the second time around

I have to admit, I’m not totally sure how much weight I gained when I was pregnant with Rowan.  My midwives didn’t require me to weigh myself at every visit and although I did weigh myself the day before I went into labour (in case I wanted/needed drugs), I seem to have blocked out that number.  I’m pretty sure it was around the 35 lb mark though, which is quite similar to what I gained with Ashlyn. At any rate, I’m definitely noticing a difference in how quickly the weight is coming off the Read more […]

3 months old

Why does time have to go by so fast?  Rowan will be 3 months old on Wednesday (!) and we had a few professional pictures taken last week – I can’t believe how big she’s getting all of a sudden! Image via Elizabeth Fulton Photography You can see more of our sweet Rowan on Elizabeth’s blog post.  There are definitely a lot of perks to having a friend who is such a talented photographer! Read more […]