May 10th 2011 archive

Wordless Wednesday – My baby is 2

On Mother’s Day, my first baby turned two.  I can’t believe how quickly time has gone, and while in some ways I’m sad that Ashlyn isn’t a baby any more, I’m more excited to see what kind of a girl, then woman, she will become! Brand new: 1 year old: 2 years old: Read more […]

Cake #fail (or Ashlyn’s 2nd birthday)

I made Ashlyn’s turtle cake for her first birthday, so of course I wanted to make her second birthday cake this year.  She loves rubber duckies so I thought that would be a great cake to help us celebrate.  Using the same carrot cake recipe as last year, I used a small glass measuring cup for the duck’s head and a small loaf pan to make the body.  Once the cake had cooled I put it in the fridge overnight.  I made cream cheese icing, then put about 1/2 cup aside to use for the eyes and beak; Read more […] – review has one of my favourite slogans for a business: “Happy Feet Make Happy Kids!”  One of the most frustrating things to buy for a new baby is socks – I find they’re either too small and can’t stay on, or they’re way too big and won’t stay up!  My girls both had very small feet as babies (and my toddler still does) so shoes aren’t an option until Rowan’s ankles get bigger and will keep the shoes on. Trumpette Ballerina’s baby socks have been the solution to Rowan’s cold feet!  Read more […]