Tiny Love Jungle Park Gymini – review

 When you have a baby, one of the more fun things you get to do is pick out their toys!  The hard part is figuring out 1) what your baby will like, 2) what you have room for and 3) what will last longer than a week.  Tiny Love is a brand that is known and loved by moms the world over!  They make everything from mobiles to stroller toys to developmental toys that can be used from birth to 24 months or older.

For review, I was happy to receive the Tiny Love Jungle Park Gymini, which is suitable for babies from birth onwards.  It features removable toys on sliding rings, lots of fun sensory spots, and an electronic toy that plays music and has lights (and as an added bonus, the music can be turned off but the lights can still flash if you’re tired of hearing the same tune over and over and over).  Here is Rowan at just 2 days old hanging out on her Gymini while her almost-2-year-old sister Ashlyn shows her some of the fun toys.

As you can see, the Jungle Park Gymini is quite spacious but doesn’t take up our entire floor.  Ashlyn easily fits underneath the soft bars, so she can play with her sister without getting tangled up.  The elephant’s ear is crinkly and it moves to reveal a squirrel in the tree – playing “peekaboo” with the squirrel is a popular game around here!  There are also ribbons, a squeaky ball and more crinkly bits on the Gymini to entertain your little one.  The red circle that holds the bars up has a small mirror on it and Rowan loves to lie on her back and look at herself.

Not in my pictures is the pillow that comes with the Gymini, which is perfect for tummy time.  The Tiny Love Jungle Park Gymini would make an excellent baby shower gift and I wish we’d had it for our older daughter!  The girls will be playing with this for months and when it’s not in use after they go to bed, it’s easy to fold up and store for the next day.

Tiny Love products are available at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Amazon.com and retailers and specialty stores nationwide.

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